Growth Strategy Facilitation

Creating and implementing a growth strategy determines a business's entire future. A sub optimal strategy can waste years.

CEO and MD's are charged with this responsibility but don't necessarily have the resources at hand to create the best future. We specialise in this area. We bring to CEOs and MDs the experience, skill and diversity to ensure that the absolute best strategy is created to achieve their desired goals.

Our 3 step process has specific, measurable outcomes. It has been pivitol to our business successes.

1. Clarifying goals and parameters

Step one sets the foundations for every decision. It is crucial that this step deals with the real issues, many of which include the personal goals of decision makers. As simple as this sounds it is rarely applied because its difficult to dig into the real motivators from within.

2. Prioritising Strategies

There are always several options for a business to achieve its goals. This step prioritizes the most attractive options. To achieve the best results requires consideration, informed decisions and thorough debate. The strategies are planned to be reprioritized as milestones are achieved.

3. Disciplining Implementation

Until this point, its all planning. Execution of the plan creates the greatest value but is often tedious and is the least 'sexy'. To ensure disciplined implementation, appropriate systems, checks and milestones are required. Part of this process includes the potential for calculated deviation from an original plan. The best plans fail with poor implementation.

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