Creating Capital Value in 'Services' businesses

If you want true capital value in your business you must create recurring 'Non Personal Exhertion' income and self perpetuating growth.

That means moving the reliance of the business growth from a few individuals to creating a structure where most of the organization becomes an income generator.

How is this done?

Create a structure and sytem that:

  • 1. Attracts the best people in the industry
  • 2. Expects revenue generation as well as output
  • 3. Turns 'back office' functions into income generation
  • 4. Creates capital value for long term performers
  • 5. Provides client expectation beyond an individual's service

Our role is to help create such a model - a model that provides self perpetuating growth, a model that provides passive income and a model that provides its owners with a financial reward when they exit.

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