'Multi site' Expansion

Multi-site operations offer tremendous potential expansion opportunities. In simplistic terms there are 4 ownership options: company owned, franchising, licensing and partnerships. The company owned option requires large financial resources and is reliant on staff that may not necessarily be the best people but when implemented properly produces high profits and capital gain. Franchises provide enthusiasm and fast growth opportunities however create competing interests between franchisors and franchisees. Licensing is merely a royalty for use of Intellectual Property. Successful partnerships are generally limited to large professional services firms.

Helping decide the best option for you is what we do. Having been involved in all the above models we have experienced the strengths and weaknesses first hand. As a result we have also successfully created new variations that have given owners of multi site operations the best of all the above models and more.

The most successful has been the ‘Partneror’ model that is based on transforming staff mindset into owner mindset.

'Partneror' model Key Features:

  • Strong aligned employee vested interest
  • Leveraged fast growth
  • Control of Company Owned with Franchise motivation
  • Business support functions transformed into a profit centre
  • High profits and increased capital value
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